Willie Currie endorses Tim Houston for Nova Scotia PC Leader

As we all know, there's a leadership bid for the PC Party of Nova Scotia. I'm exited about the future of the province and looking forward to better days ahead for all of us.

We are currently faced with many issues, for me; Education, Emergency Room closures, Mental health wait times are near and dear, to name a few. Our government doesn't seem to be able to fix these issues at all, and seems alright with the status quo. The ministers responsible for the files or the Premier will not acknowledge that these issues even exist. Being a Cape Bretoner from Glace Bay, these issues are even more disturbingly real.

We have the opportunity to now within the PC Party to carry on and build on the direction we've been going within the party. When Tim Houston takes the leadership and opens up lines of communication as he is already steadfast in doing so, it's obvious to me our next government will be one that listens and takes everything and every Nova Scotian into consideration.

Tim is a proven problem solver, listener and wants what's best for Nova Scotia. He will not rest until that goal is achieved. He is very smart and effective currently as opposition and given the opportunity to govern, in my opinion, will be as strong or stronger. He will be ready to govern from day one, with people-focused decisions and a very welcoming, fresh new approach. For this reason, I ask you all to give Tim a chance and check him out on Facebook, Twitter and his website at www.TimHouston.ca where you can sign up for a free newsletter. Tim is very responsive to questions on those platforms. Let him know your concerns. He wants to know, he needs to know. Don't hesitate, tell him Willie sent you!

Also I ask you all, especially those from Glace Bay, to do as I did and sign up to be a cardholder with the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative's and have your say.

Willie Currie
Vice President, Glace Bay PC Association

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