Tristan Shaw backs Tim Houston for Nova Scotia PC Leader

Whenever I visit the House of Assembly, the only MLA to consistently visit me and my peers in the Gallery is Tim Houston. This interest in the perspectives of others besides his own speaks volumes about his character, and he consistently demonstrates his ability to lead the PC Party into the future. Tim also has experience in politics, having been in the House since 2013, which I consider to be a vital asset. He effortlessly combines this experience with a successful career in the private sector to get results on behalf of Nova Scotians, particularly at the Public Accounts Committee, where he continues to ask the hard questions regarding the way our government is run.



Not only does Tim have the experience and disposition to make a great Leader and Premier, he also has the energy and ability to engage the wider public. Campaigning on the doorsteps during the last election, his name came up again and again. Tim already has the attention of the public, and this is a very promising sign for the next election.

Strategically, as we look forward to the next election, Tim Houston is the best choice for us as a Party. When it comes to cracking the Metro area, Tim has something no other candidate has or will have; the endorsement of all three Metro MLA’s. These representatives know their constituencies and the wider area well, and these speedy endorsements are hard to ignore. I endorse Tim for Leader, and Premier, because he is the best choice.

Tristan Shaw
President, Saint Mary's University Tories
Interim President, Dartmouth South PC Association
Vice President, Dartmouth-Cole Harbour Conservative Association
Policy Director, Nova Scotia Young Progressive Conservatives

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