Travis Price endorses Tim Houston's PC Leadership Campaign

My name is Travis Price. I’m a former candidate for the PC Party in Fairview-Clayton Park. I’m also the Co-Founder of Pink Shirt Day, an international bullying prevention movement that started right here in Nova Scotia.

It is with careful thought, observation, and great pleasure that I endorse Tim Houston to be the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia.

As a young Nova Scotian, a humanitarian, a small business owner and a past candidate of this Party, I believe Tim is the leader to get our Party and Province back on track. It is not an easy job, but I believe Tim has the intelligence and drive to make it happen. It is clearly time for change in our Party, and that change begins with a new energetic leader ready to challenge the status quo.

There are many reasons why I think Tim should be leader. It is no secret that our healthcare system is in crisis. Tim’s strategy of building on the INSPIRED program will not only save the Province money, but will help take the pressure of the healthcare system as a whole. In my conversations with Doctors and Nurses, they want someone who will listen to them and relieve the stress on the system. This plan will truly give them relief.

Furthermore his plan to make mental health a priority in our Province by creating a portfolio to ensure help is accessible and modern is game-changing. It honestly makes me emotional to know that an issue I have worked around for the past 10 years will finally get the much needed attention it deserves.This is something that our Province is desperate for. With mental illness being diagnosed more frequently, at all ages, it is crucial that we address this issue head on with the best resources available.

Tim also has the right experience to make a great Leader and Premier. Aside from experience in the Legislature, Tim has a strong background in business. He was raised in Halifax but lives and represents the rural constituency of Pictou East. The people who know him best, his constituents, elected him with over 73% of the vote in the last election campaign.

Plus Tim has earned more support from PC MLAs than any other candidate. These are the people who work with him everyday. That is a strong endorsement for a leader.

These are just a few of the reasons I believe Tim is right for the job.

I can say without question that having had the opportunity to meet with Premiers across our country over past ten years, Tim is my choice to sit at that table and make the tough choices our province needs to move forward and become the Nova Scotia we all want.

Travis Price M.S.M,
Co-Founder Pink Shirt Day, Former PC Candidate Fairview-Clayton Park

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