PETITION: Shining a light on the Premier's passport

Shining a Light on the Premier's Passport

Have you seen the latest news about Stephen McNeil?

Seems his jet-set lifestyle has set new records for Nova Scotia — records we can’t be proud of.

In 2017 Stephen McNeil was abroad for 43 days — over six full weeks in total — at your expense.

That’s more time outside the country than any other current premier. His closest competition? Kathleen Wynne of Ontario, who logged 24 days.

McNeil claims it’s important to spend time in China, France, and New York, but 30 per cent of the time he’s not even announcing the trip in advance.

And all too often, we don’t know what benefit Nova Scotia is getting from these “trade and investment” trips.

Marketing Nova Scotia to the world is important.

But real leaders don’t get unlimited frequent flyer points at public expense. And they shouldn’t hide who they’re meeting with.

The Premier’s Office should justify how any travel benefits our province, and the Premier’s travel records should be transparent and accessible by all Nova Scotians.

As Premier, I’ll tell you where I’m traveling and why. I won’t allow secrecy around public expenditures as leader.

Sign this petition today — let me know that you agree.

Will you sign?