Tim Houston's Story

Growing up in the community of Fairview in Halifax, Tim didn’t dream of a career in politics. He doesn’t have a political science degree hanging on his office wall and you won’t find his name etched in any high school model parliament trophies. But while Tim didn’t go looking for a life in politics – politics found Tim.

Tim started his professional career as a chartered accountant at WBLI in Bedford after graduating from business school at Saint Mary’s University.  He leveraged that practical exposure to the real challenges and opportunities of the business world into financial consulting and analysis roles with Deloitte and ultimately, a fast-growing venture capital company.  These positions allowed Tim to experience firsthand the crucial role money management played in a company’s ability to compete, both locally and globally. He became driven to help companies reduce financial waste, so they could reach their full potential. He believes every person, organization, and community deserves that opportunity.

After starting out in Nova Scotia, Tim relocated to Bermuda to learn about the variety of financial, managerial and governmental challenges facing international companies. His role was to help successful companies adapt to change and advise struggling companies on how to get back on track.  To do this, Tim needed to listen and understand complicated problems, evaluate practical solutions, and present strong recommendations to senior management. Sometimes those recommendations meant making hard decisions, but Tim’s job wasn’t about delivering good news, it was about being honest to those who gave him their trust.

When Tim, his wife Carol, and their two children Paget and Zachary made a family decision to come home from Bermuda, they chose to fulfill their dream of living in Pictou County. The couple spent their young summers traveling from Carol’s home in Timberlea to her family cottage in Pictou County and promised themselves that one day they’d buy a place of their own. The move also gave Tim the opportunity to pursue a lifelong goal of running a business in his home province.

While family life in Nova Scotia was exactly what he’d hoped for, life as a local entrepreneur was very challenging. Tim consistently ran into what seemed like endless government red tape and wasn’t afraid to voice his concerns. He managed to operate a successful company, but he knew that if someone with his business experience had struggled, many other business owners were also being unfairly held back.

In 2012, Tim decided to take action. Like in business, he was convinced change needed to come from the top and listened to solutions from both the Liberal and Progressive Conservative leaders. It quickly became very clear that Tim’s values closely aligned with those of the PC Party, especially when it came to social respect and fiscal responsibility. He felt an instant connection to the party and was treated like family from day one – something he says he’ll never forget.

Tim was elected as the MLA for Pictou East in 2013 and again in 2017, and has served as the Official Opposition Finance Critic for nearly five years. He has developed a reputation of holding the government accountable by “telling it like it is.” Tim says an MLA’s role is solely about helping people – help where you can and find out who else can help where you can’t.  

In the legislature, Tim has been a strong advocate for the Nova Scotia film industry, repeatedly challenged the government to fairly resolve the teacher contract disputes, and aggressively pressured the Liberals to back down from making dangerous changes to the Seniors’ Pharmacare Program. He has also proudly introduced Cayley’s Law, a bill that would support struggling youths in need of help and has recently succeeded in getting the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Act passed into law.

Today, Tim and Carol’s house is a little emptier with their daughter Paget away at university, but still to home their son Zachary and other members of the family including Calvin the rescue dog, Kitty the once-stray cat, and a small flock of chickens. It’s a place where Tim says he finds his “quiet calm” in the busy world, something that’s been an important constant in his life since he was a child.

The son of a military family, Tim moved around a lot before settling back in Halifax, where he was born. Whether it was riding his BMX bike through wooded trails in Comox, BC, rollerblading through the flat streets of Summerside, PEI, or shooting a tennis ball into a hockey net in his Fairview driveway, Tim always found his quiet calm.

Tim’s passion isn’t politics – it’s people. That’s because he’s not a traditional politician. He’s a successful father, husband, and business leader who wants to use his knowledge and experience to simply help others. He wants to give all Nova Scotians the freedom to find their quiet calm – a place where they can truly be happy.

Lately, it hasn’t been so easy to be happy in Nova Scotia. People are really stressed out. Stressed about money, stressed about their children’s education, and stressed about not having a family doctor. Right now, the government is making living in Nova Scotia really hard and that’s a shame. The leader of the province’s number one priority should be making life easier for the people who choose to call it home.

As the next leader of the PC Party, Tim will restore Nova Scotians’ faith in their government. He knows that just like the companies who hired him in the business world, Nova Scotia taxpayers have hired him to be honest and “give it to them straight.” Being upfront with Nova Scotians means making people the priority, because success abroad starts with strong support at home.

Tim will be the leader of a party we can all be proud of.

A progressive party.

A respectful party.

A winning party.

Tim isn’t the next Leader of the Opposition. Tim is the next Premier of Nova Scotia.

His collective life experience has prepared him to lead the PC Party and its incredible group of MLAs into government and allow Nova Scotia to finally reach its full potential.

Tim is ready and willing to be responsible for the future of our province. Please join him as we begin the next chapter of the PC Party.

It’s time to win.


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