Sherry Blinkhorn endorses Tim Houston's PC Leadership Campaign

I have great friends in every political party. This is not about me becoming a PC, I've never been a card carrying member of any party but I always vote with my conscience. This time I am voting for Tim Houston. Because Houston knows we have a problem! Many of them. He has shown up for every meeting I can think of to listen to the concerns of the constituents. I don't think he pays lip service, I think he truly hears and forms his own opinion after he has gathered information.

I really feel that the only hope for our health care and education system lies with Tim Houston. With Tim as leader and then Premier, I think we have a chance to get things on the right track. Make no mistake about it, I will personally hold him accountable once he wins and is at the helm. I don't care or want to be part of party politics, what I really care about is working along the government to help fix our fractured health care system, specifically our mental health care.

When I look at other provinces and how far they are ahead of us... Toronto for example, they have the national centre for addictions and mental health. It’s innovative and includes care and resources for the whole family. Cool things like putting their youth and senior inpatient units on the same floor. BC… When my son was hit by a van in Victoria, I could not get over all the services he had access to so quickly. He had choices. BC has some great technology that isn’t just helping youth in that province but across the country and the world. Check out

I’m grateful for the many non profit organizations across our province that receive but don’t entirely rely on government funding, like the Mental Health Foundation of NS. We have so much to be grateful for and lots to build on in this beautiful Province. We CAN make this Province the envy of the Country if we have the right resources connected. Government can’t fix everything, but they certainly can put the right structures in place and work alongside and with the many wonderful organizations that we have.

It’s time for us to move forward – move forward with a leader from Pictou County who knows what it takes to tackle issues head on. If we want change, we need to be loud. And today my voice is loud and strong, behind the person I believe is best suited for the job.

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