Sabrina Fenyvesi endorses Tim Houston for Nova Scotia PC Leader

I first heard Tim Houston speak at the legislature during the McNeil government’s dispute with the Nova Scotia teachers. That morning, I was getting ready for my teaching day while listening to the legislature. Tim brought up his concerns with the current education system and was very precise in the points he brought up. I was most impressed by how much he had clearly been listening to what we had been saying. On the day of the passing of Bill75 (the legislated contract on teachers), I met Tim at the rally outside Province House. I went to him to introduce myself, and I was taken back at how he took the time to talk to me, ask me questions and really listened. I realized then, that Tim Houston was there for the people. After several intense days and very little sleep, he showed solidarity by stepping outside to meet us and to be among us.


I have since gotten to know Tim personally and got to witness first hand his integrity, his honesty, his caring personality, and most of all, I got to witness how genuine and authentic he is. He has great innovative ideas for solution to the problems faced by this province. He is also realistic in answering the public about difficult matters who would not be so easy to solve quickly. He will not sugar coat things in order to tell people what they want to hear, but will take the time to listen and will continue to work towards solution.

Tim Houston has everything the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Party needs in a leader. Furthermore, Tim Houston has everything Nova Scotia needs in a Premier.

Tim Houston is one of the reason I am now actively involved in Nova Scotia Politics.

Sabrina Fenyvesi
Vice-President of the Dartmouth East PC Association

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