Ruby Blois endorses Tim Houston's PC Leadership Campaign

Access to good health care should be a basic right for all Nova Scotians. Many governments in Nova Scotia have tried to come to grips with the challenges associated with providing affordable health care but few have succeeded. Tim Houston has said that he does not have all the answers but realizes two things 1) management of health care has to be rooted in good communication with those who actually provide the care and 2) an investment is required to change the way health care is delivered and consumed.

I spent my professional life in health care, first as a Registered Nurse at the direct care level, and as Vice President Clinical Programs and Chief Nursing Officer at the IWK Health Centre; as Managing Partner of HCCMA Inc, a health sector consulting business focused on Clinical efficiency, effectiveness and management structures; as President of Tecknowledge Health care Systems - this business implemented Telehealth in NS and as Managing Director of the IWK Heath Centre Foundation. In each of these roles I have seen first hand the benefit of having front line input into decision making. My Volunteer roles both at the governance and philanthropy areas have been many.

Tim Houston believes in a vision where health providers are essential to providing sustainable health care. I share that vision therefore I believe Tim can bring a different approach to healthcare governance which will translate into better care where it counts.

The Nova Scotia Health Authority, in theory is a good idea, but it cannot continue to exist in its current format. People are demanding and are entitled more say and more accountability. I am confident that Tim will fundamentally change the culture in health governance so that Nova Scotia can become a leader in health care. New leaders are required that understand the importance of ‘best practices’ and understand how to engage people in change management. I fully endorse Tim Houston for leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia.

Ruby Blois

Healthcare Professional and Community Leader, Dartmouth South

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