Setting the Record Straight

From Tim:

Throughout this Leadership race I have been proud to run a campaign on the issues that matter to Nova Scotians.

With a voter turnout in 2017 of 53%, we have been working to bring in and engage new people in the political process. Individuals who care about health care, education and our economy.

Largely due to the momentum our campaign has generated, we have become a target of complaints by some of the other candidates.

While our campaign remains focused, I ask you, the member, to consider the facts and decide whether any or all of these complaints warrant the attacks on my personal and professional integrity. As with all matters democratic, I respect your opinion above all others. Therefore, I provide you with the uncontroverted facts, as follows:

  • A candidate for the Party executive was provided with the membership list for the purposes of running his own campaign. Upon winning, he wrote to thank the membership. At the end of that e-mail, he included a line saying he was supporting Tim Houston.

    This was something a well-intentioned person did on their own. This was not at the direction or knowledge of our campaign. Our campaign was penalized for it.

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  • An individual from Ontario saw an excited supporter's post on social media and sent him $20 as a contribution to buy a membership for his in-laws. The individual commented about it on Facebook. The supporter didn’t know that he couldn’t accept out of Province donations. The individual returned the $20 to the donor and the two memberships were not processed. The supporter wasn’t trying to hide anything.

    This was a well-intentioned individual, who was not a member of our campaign team, who made a mistake. But we as a campaign team have to bear the consequences. Senior campaign members contacted this person immediately and explained the rules as they were not available for public consumption.

    The Leadership Selection Committee (“LSC”) did not issue any ruling nor did they declare any violation on behalf of our campaign.

    You decide.

  • Prior to using the PC Party’s logo on the Houston campaign van, our campaign contacted the LSC to approve the proposed use, which they did. Another campaign subsequently filed a complaint about the use of the logo.

    The LSC unequivocally wrote that the use of the logo was acceptable and the complaint was dismissed.

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  • A Member of the Legislative assembly asked a Party staffer for help with a software issue with her email. They responded by offering to email out the 72 invitations to an ice cream social being hosted at her home. It shouldn’t have happened. That offer shouldn't have been made. It turned out after the fact that this was not party policy for Leadership campaigns. Other campaign teams were given the same opportunity to have the PC Party send out an email on their behalf as well.

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  • We sold tickets to and hosted a pig roast. We did not violate any rules with respect to this event. The LSC wrote to us in advance of the event and asked that we amend our ad and make the nature of the event clearer and hosted a free pig roast. There was no infraction.

    The Leadership Selection Committee (“LSC”) did not issue any violation on behalf of our campaign.

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  • We co-hosted a street party on a beautiful August night with the electoral district association (“EDA”) Central Nova during the federal Conservative Party Convention. The purpose of this event was to promote both our campaign and Central Nova, an EDA in need of a boost. Peter MacKay held this seat for 18 years and it was disappointing to have such a significant loss in 2015. We wanted to support them in rebuilding their EDA and support the federal Party in rebuilding its brand in Atlantic Canada.

    Our Party’s Constitution actually states that we should promote the interests of the federal Party, which is what we did at this event.

    The Houston campaign paid for our share of the joint event (over 50% of the total cost) and the Central Nova EDA paid for their share of the event, which was payment for the band. The LSC ruled that Central Nova’s contribution of the band violated LSC rules. Rules wherein it is also stated that our Constitution is a superseding document. Since our Constitution encourages this type of cross promotion, it stands to reason that this event would have been acceptable. The LSC determined that it was not and I respect that decision, I will abide by it, but I choose to stand by the Party’s Constitution and disagree with that decision.

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    In relation to this same event, some colleagues have alluded to and made allegations of an inappropriate donation. Central Nova hired a band for the evening. One of the band members donated his services. Donations of services from individuals are permitted up to a value of $5,000. This service had a value of $750. The LSC was notified of this contribution in advance of their decision. This will be claimed as a donation in kind as has been indicated to the LSC.

    The LSC notified the other candidates of the inappropriate nature of such a false allegation by way of email.

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