Ready for the Dartmouth Debate

Tonight the PC Party of Nova Scotia is hosting the second official leadership debate – and our team is ready to go.

These debates allow us the opportunity to be upfront with Nova Scotians on how we would approach some of the most pressing issues facing our Province today.

Issues like our healthcare crisis.

Issues like an education system in chaos.

Issues like an economy that lays stagnant due to lack of vision and innovation.

Tonight offers us the opportunity to tell you what we are about.

It’s an opportunity that each of us should be grateful for, and an opportunity we should respect.

Nova Scotians are looking for a viable alternative to Stephen McNeil. In order to earn that trust, our PC Party must move away from politics as usual.

Here’s why.

We have not held a majority government since 1999.

If we wish to shift their perceptions of our Party, to have Nova Scotians stop and listen to our ideas, then we need to move away from the hyperbole.

Catch phrases and empty rhetoric will not move dying Nova Scotians out of emergency room hallways.

False narratives, no matter how tirelessly they are spun, will not address the stress and hopelessness our teachers, administrators, parents and students are feeling about our education system.

We can, and should, be better than that. The members of our PC Party, and indeed Nova Scotians, deserve that level of decorum and professionalism.

There are five dedicated candidates in this leadership race.

Each candidate has great people on their teams.

As leader, my first and top priority will be to make us one team again.

A team that can provide to Nova Scotians that the PC Party of Nova Scotia is united, focused, and stronger than ever.

I look forward to seeing those who are able to attend tonight. If you are not able to be there in person, make sure to tune in on the Party’s Facebook page:

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