Problem-solvers in, problem-stretchers out

When I was in business, I worked for an organization that managed and acquired companies.  The organization was growing at an incredible rate and it was an exciting time in my career. My primary responsibilities were around process and could be boiled down to figuring out “who is doing what” and “is it necessary”. I made things run smoother by cutting wasted effort.

Looking for operational efficiencies often means figuring out who stays and who goes.

We had one simple rule: “Problem-solvers in, problem-stretchers out.”

After five years in the Legislature, I know the senior bureaucracy is riddled with problem-stretchers. They know how to manipulate politicians to make their jobs easier and get what they want.

We saw that in 2015 with the film industry. For years, the senior bureaucracy wanted changes to the film credit. Then along came team McNeil and they bit hook, line and sinker.  The McNeil Liberals bowed down and threw the film industry into turmoil.

It’s not back yet but it will be back when we work with them to rebuild the industry and create good jobs from Yarmouth to Sydney and every beautiful Nova Scotia landscape in between.  

The whole mess was just another McNeil mistake.

There are many dedicated outstanding people working in government. But there are many problem-stretchers with too much power.  It’s that group that we’re putting on notice.

As Premier, I will be guided by the same rule that drove me in business: problem-solvers in, problem-stretchers out.

Practically speaking, that means that Deputy Ministers will be required to reapply for their jobs when I am Premier. Problem-solvers in, problem-stretchers out.

Want to know how we will ever get the bureaucracy under control?  It’s as simple as common sense and real world experience.

The problem-stretchers know who they are and they don’t want me to win.

But change is coming.

Under my leadership, a PC government will not bow down to people who want to stretch problems.

Click here if you agree we need a Premier who will get rid of the problem-stretchers in government.


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