Preston Ogley backs Tim Houston for Nova Scotia PC Leader


As a young Nova Scotian I’ve come to worry about our province, we have a medical crisis our liberal government is unwilling to address, and an abysmal economy which is contributing towards outward migration. As a result I have been looking for a leader willing to listen to Nova Scotian’s to better understand our concerns, and to learn creative solutions to our issues. After meeting the man, I can say with one hundred percent certainty that the best leader to address Nova Scotia’s concerns is Tim Houston. Tim is an active listener with the business experience necessary to turn Nova Scotia’s economy around, and to improve youth retention within our communities. Tim has demonstrated a willingness to work with medical practitioners and Nova Scotians to develop solutions to our healthcare crisis, and Tim has the charisma necessary to spread our message to Nova Scotians still in doubt about a Progressive Conservative government. Individuals within our party like Tim make me proud to call myself a Conservative, and have inspired me to take an active role in our province’s future. I don’t see Tim just as our next leader, but as our next Premier.

Preston Ogley
Youth President for the Glace Bay PC Association

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