Patricia Auchnie, PC Candidate of Record for Eastern Shore, endorses Houston

Let us not simply vote a government out in the next provincial election. Instead, let us choose a tested and proven leader who inspires us and who we believe in. 

Let us choose someone whose personal values are to create opportunities that will raise people up and find new and bold solutions to old problems.

Let us choose someone who is not “I” focused. Someone who has demonstrated to Nova Scotians that accountability does matter, and who has proven that he will not back down from doing the right thing because he is a principled leader.

Let us choose someone who has proven heart, creativity, intellect, common sense and a consultative grassroots style of leadership during his years in government. Many politicians speak of a grassroots style of leadership but very few actually practice it like he does.

I have dedicated my career to working in the field of mental health and addictions, and I also have an agriculture background. I am choosing the leader who I believe will innovate around food security and healthcare policy.

As the 2017 Candidate of Record for the Eastern Shore, it has been important to me to take my time and choose the leader who I believe will hear our concerns, who sees our value and will support each corner of our province to reach our full potential.

Tim Houston is that leader.

Tim’s leadership style will deliver in spades a new and more prosperous Nova Scotia when he becomes the leader of the PC Party and our next Premier.

Patricia Auchnie
PC Candidate of Record, Eastern Shore


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