Outdated Healthcare Systems costing NS Millions in Waste

From Tim:

Throughout this leadership race, I've focused on ideas that can move our province forward and make life better for Nova Scotians. Until the ballots are counted on October 27, I'm going to continue doing exactly that. In my conversations with people from one end of the Province to the other, I've been given a lot of great ideas.

One of them is the need for a healthcare reality check.

Many times a patient has medical tests done in one area of the Province but is sent to Halifax for additional testing that cannot be performed locally.

We accept this reality, but we shouldn’t accept those initial tests being repeated in Halifax simply because the left hand is not talking to the right hand.

This costs the Province millions of dollars every year.

Modernizing our medical computer systems would go a long way towards preventing the duplication of effort, cost, and the inconvenience of testing.

But it’s not just happening between “home” and Halifax. It can happen in the same building!

There are stories of patients being scheduled for “semi-urgent” CAT scans and then getting moved to the “urgent” list, having the test performed only to be called later to schedule their original, semi-urgent CAT scan because their name remained on a different waitlist.

The same test. The same building. No one realized it was already done.

It’s called administrative waste and disorganization. Not only is it costing money, it gives Nova Scotia a bad rap. Think doctors and other healthcare professionals want to work within a backwards, archaic system?

It goes on and on. Imagine that emergency room investigations are available electronically but are also delivered in print form. Why? Are you going to print this email off to read it? It doesn’t make sense.

If we want to attract and keep professionals, we need a system that is professional.

It’s time for a healthcare reality check:

Stop wasting our money. Instead, invest in modernizing and integrating the system so that a patient’s file in Halifax is the same as their file in Sydney, Yarmouth or anywhere in between.

It’s time to send a message to healthcare professionals that Nova Scotia is an innovative place to practice medicine.

We can’t fix the shortage until we show we are serious about fixing the system.

If you agree, let me know by signing at: https://www.timhouston.ca/millions_in_waste

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