On the Road with Tim: Bedford, Middleton, Apple Blossom, Dartmouth

It’s been an incredible couple of weeks. Watching the Las Vegas Golden Knights win their way to a Stanley Cup final reminded me of the importance of momentum. Our team is continuing to grow stronger.

Last week was highlighted by an outstanding turnout at an event hosted by Bruce Holland, held at May Garden Chinese Restaurant in Bedford. The restaurant’s owner, Eric Yeung, brought down the house with a passionate speech on how he is behind our plan and vision for Nova Scotia. Eric has been business for over 40 years and has the best fried wontons in the city. As you can tell by the photos, we had a large and enthusiastic crowd.

At the event we signed up a lot of new PC Party members! Membership costs only 10 dollars, and you can join the party at 14 years old. This is a great way to teach our young people the importance of voting and being part of a democratic process. Click here to learn more and signup.

Last Thursday it was time for our first debate, held in Middleton. There was a lot of energy in the room and up on the stage! The next debate is coming to Dartmouth. Tickets should be made available soon by the party. Join us after the debate for a post-debate social at Celtic Corner. Let us know you're coming with an RSVP by clicking here.

Over the weekend, Carol, Paget and I had a blast at the 86th Annual Apple Blossom Festival. Thanks to my PC Caucus colleague and fellow leadership candidate John Lohr for the invitation to walk together in Kings North!

We spent a lot of time in Dartmouth and Cole Harbour over the last few days, including another great meet and greet at Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic Parish Church. Close to 100 people came out to have a chat and learn more about our campaign. This was another fantastic turnout from current members and a lot of new members in metro.

Last week you’ll recall we put out two big ideas on health care – introducing a Ministry of Addictions and Mental Health and proposing a Chronic Illness Treatment and Prevention Program. This week I called on the Liberals to address the rising gas, home heating and electricity rates being caused by their carbon tax. With gas prices set to spike next week, Nova Scotians will be hit hard. Click here to sign in opposition to the Liberal carbon taxing scheme.

With the week wrapping up, I’m getting ready to head to Cumberland South on Saturday night to support my friend Tory Rushton in his bid to become the PC MLA in the by-election on June 19. Tory’s got a dynamic campaign team knocking on doors each and every day. He’s an exceptional candidate, and I can’t wait for him to join our Caucus.

Till next week, folks.


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