On The Road with Tim: 43 Days until Membership Deadline

Where exactly is the time going? There are only 43 days left until the membership deadline. To vote in the PC Leadership race, you need to be a member by September 11!

Last week was highlighted by the South Shore exhibition parade. I was happy to march with my friend and colleague, Kim Masland, and some of our team members. Thursday night we had an amazing meal with another sellout crowd at the Glasgow Square Theatre in New Glasgow. There was a lot of engaged discussions taking place that focused on healthcare, and the rising cost of living.

I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am for all the support we are getting at our events. The best part - we are selling memberships left and right and growing the PC Party in communities across Nova Scotia.

If you haven’t made it out to one of our events, please join us this Friday, in beautiful Belliveau's Cove on the Evangeline trail. We will be at the Chez Jean Dairy Twirl for a meet and greet at 1pm. Later that day we will be at the Digby Pines for a get together at 4pm. I want to hear you thoughts and ideas on how we can shape our home province for the better. Click here for all the details.

We had a lot of conversations this week about the youth of our party. Simply put, we need more young, engaged people to help bring our party back to power. I am proud to have the support of so many of our young people - click here to read an open letter from some of our University all-stars.

The absolute best way you can help me win this leadership race is to go out and sign up two new members. That could be your family or your friends- anyone age 14 and older is eligible to join and vote. Encourage them to be $10 difference makers. This will help ensure victory - as well as grow our party. Click here for more information.

A special shout out to my beautiful wife Carol for 23 years of marriage. Without getting too sappy, she is the love of my life and we both grow closer each and every day. As you can see from the photos, we look EXACTLY the same 23 years later:)

Till next time,


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