On the Road: Metro - Tim Houston

The spring sitting of the Provincial Legislature has wrapped-up, and… that was a long one compared to the last few.

It was clear each day and night we spent in the House of Assembly that there are crucial issues important to folks across the Province that just aren’t being addressed.

It continues to appear that this Government prefers the “dictating to Nova Scotians” over the “listening to Nova Scotians” approach.

Well, it should come as no surprise that people are tired of the “my way or the highway” way of governing.

I’m tired of it too. But I’m also optimistic.

Over the last several months I’ve been meeting more and more people who aren’t willing to throw in the towel and accept the status quo.

It’s the opposite.

I’m talking to people all over Nova Scotia who are not just fed up, they’re standing up…and they are FIRED UP.

I share their sense of urgency to not waste one more day toiling in mediocrity.

We can do better. Since being on the road, I’ve been hearing some of the great ideas being shared – most recently at two events this past week, both in Halifax; the NSPC Night at Parkland at the Gardens, as well as the PC Women’s Caucus dinner meeting at the Atlantica Hotel. At both of these gatherings the crowd was engaged, they were thoughtful and they wanted to be heard.

It’s a concept that I wish the Premier would better understand – the more you show a willingness to listen, the more people will have the courage to share their ideas to make this a better place.

This week my schedule has me heading the Valley. Click here for details. I’ll be updating you regularly on my schedule for the weeks ahead as well as providing insights on the places I’ve been able to visit.

No matter my schedule for the leadership campaign, every Wednesday morning you can still count on me taking my seat at Public Accounts Committee.

My role as Finance Critic for the PC Caucus is one I’m honoured to hold, and I’m happy that this role has played a part in holding Government accountable on a wide-range of issues.

I am committed to running for the Leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia, but that doesn’t override my responsibilities to the people who elected me as MLA for Pictou East, or my responsibilities alongside my PC caucus colleagues.

It’s a lot to tackle, no doubt, but I’m lucky to have a great leadership team making sure I have time in my schedule to prep for Public Accounts and be present to hold government’s feet to the fire every Wednesday a.m.

I look forward to touching base again next week, in the meantime, I’ve got to join Carol and Paget back in the Ford on the last leg of her return trip from Queens University. Her first year is complete, and I couldn’t be prouder of all she accomplished this year; that said, are we ever happy she’s found a summer job close to home over the next several months!

Until next time.



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