On The Road: Truro, Guysborough AGM, youth retention policy

A change is in the air.  Daylight is lasting longer, and previews of the upcoming Summer can be found in every yard and garden. I’m feeling a new level of optimism and I know others can feel it too.

This week was highlighted by a meet and greet hosted by Glen and Linda Rankin in Truro.  Great discussions on economics, health care and income tax reform.

The next night there was a debate of sorts at a fundraiser for the Halifax Citadel-Sable Island PC Association. Interesting questions and responses!

Then, on Saturday, I had the opportunity to speak at Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie AGM.  Fantastic to see so many old friends and connect with new members.

Lots of interest and conversation has been generated by our proposed income tax changes.  In case you missed the announcement from our team last week, our proposed plan is to eliminate individual Nova Scotia income tax for anyone 25 and under on their first $50,000 of earned income.   Click here for more details.

The first step to an improved economy for ALL Nova Scotians is the retention (and return) of our young people.  

Simply put - we need a strong “human infrastructure” to grow and expand our economy.

People have called this plan, “common sense legislation”.  I’m proud of that. So often, policies can be over complicated.  If we’re to engage more people in consultation around policy ideas, we need to make policy platforms more straightforward.

Sadly, I also heard some really tough stories in my travels.

I was told about a little girl with disabilities who needed to have her home renovated / retrofitted before she could leave the hospital.  These repairs cost just a little over $30,000, money the family didn’t have readily available. Here’s the thing...instead of finding a way to work with the family to complete the repairs - she was forced to stay in a hospital bed for eight months at cost of over $300,000.

This story struck me on a couple of levels.  First I was heartbroken for this little girl forced to live in a hospital bed instead of going home. Second, I was angry at the absolute waste of money.

We have to do a better job of managing our current resources.

This week my schedule has me in beautiful southern Nova Scotia at the end of this week. Click here for details.If you're in the area, it would be great to see you!

One of the absolute best ways you could help out the team this week would be to talk about our new plan for income tax reform on all your favourite social media platforms. We believe strongly in this plan and want to generate as much feedback and discussion as possible.

Until next time. 


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