On the Road: Houston visits South Shore

Another week has blown by.  As the old saying goes, if you don’t like the weather in Nova Scotia, just wait an hour! This is never more true than in the middle of May.

Last week was highlighted by a visit with Corey Mood and Rahn O'Connell about the current state of fisheries in Southern Nova Scotia. We had a great conversation touching on many aspects of our Nova Scotia economy. I also had an incredible meal at CAPT. KAT'S Lobster Shack in Barrington Passage.  I cant wait to go back and try the Ooey Gooey Haddock & Lobster Bake. The name is out there, but comes highly recommended.

The feedback from our proposed income tax plan has been outstanding.   In case you missed it, our proposed plan is to eliminate individual Nova Scotia income tax for anyone 25 and under on their first $50,000 of earned income. Click here for more details. Folks from Barrington Street to Barrington Passage are excited about the idea and the message it sends: that we intend to do something to improve and grow our economy.

In my travels I heard about a well known company that is desperately looking for a succession plan, trying to forecast for five years down the road but worry about a shortage of skilled workers.   This stresses the importance of retaining our youth, so that current businesses can, with confidence, grow towards the future.

This is why my proposed tax change is connecting with Nova Scotians.  My plan will keep our young people home where they can be successful, in turn stimulating our economy.

I was able to keep my promise and make it home by midnight on Saturday. Just in time to spend Mother’s Day with my beautiful wife and family. I have always been lucky to have Carol as my partner, but never so much as during this campaign. She holds things together for all of us.

That said, imagine my surprise to find her making plans for her new egg incubator. Me: “how many laying hens do you have now?” Carol: “why?”

In other words ... she wins!

Until next time,





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