On the Road in August

I am pumped for the upcoming street party this Friday! If you have not yet RSVP'd, click here to let us know you're coming!

I hope you’ll join me and Peter MacKay this Friday night for the Nova Scotia Celtic Ceilidh street party on Argyle Street in Halifax. We’ll be there taking in entertainment by Ray Mattie and his band, hosted by the Central Nova Conservative Association.

It’ll be easy to find: starting at 7pm Friday on Argyle Street you’ll see a stage directly in front of the Halifax Convention Centre. This will all be taking place during the federal Conservative Convention 2018. It’ll be a blast. Click here for all the important details, and to RSVP.

The big highlight for me in the last week was our Fairview pig roast! Another huge crowd of close to 200 was on hand as we served up fun for the kids (bouncy castles are always a huge hit) and a fantastic meal. Special thanks to Tristan, who was up at the crack of dawn to start roasting. The entire team, including John Giannakos, did an incredible job. I’m very grateful for all the effort they put into making the day a success.

The location of the rally was symbolic. It was directly across the street from the Fairview duplex I grew up in. It felt great to be back in the old neighbourhood.

On a more serious note: I recently had a candid conversation with a young man who was going through a very hard time. Grappling with severe depression, in July his family doctor referred him to the mental health department. The best they could do: an appointment at the end of October. This young man is now facing a three-month wait before he can even speak to a mental health professional. This is unacceptable. We need to do better.

Imagine if on your worst day, someone tells you it’s going to be months before you’re able to get help? It’s one of the reasons I’ve talked about a plan to increase accountability in mental health delivery through a Department of Addictions and Mental Health. Speaking on this plan, Todd Leader, one of Nova Scotia’s leading experts in mental health system transformation, said, “A Ministry of Addictions and Mental Health would provide accountability for real transformation". We need to focus on this and improve the system.

Elsewhere, I received lots of feedback last week for my plan to make deputy ministers reapply for their jobs. Without question, we need to eliminate “problem-stretchers.” With my business background and experience cutting wasted effort, I understand how to identify problems in an organization.

We are in the final stages of this leadership campaign. To vote for me, you need to have your membership purchased by September 11. Please click here to join up your friends, family and relatives. Help us raise the standard in Nova Scotia.

I have lots of other events and appearances coming up this week. For the full schedule of events, click here.

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