On the Road: Cumberland South, Dartmouth and Brookfield

Our Party is very lucky to have Tory Rushton as our PC Candidate in Cumberland South. On Saturday, I joined Tory to help him campaign in the area – where in addition to getting to meet-up with some old friends and make some new ones, I also got the chance to check out the new fire department in Collingwood.

It’s a great new facility, and one that was needed for the dedicated residents who serve as the community’s firefighters. On an aside, I don’t want to start a big debate, but I’m not sure Cumberland South’s maple syrup can be topped, but I’m willing to taste alternative options to be sure!

Late Saturday afternoon, I met up with my caucus colleague Tim Halman to visit some of his constituents in Dartmouth East. That evening – along with Barbara Adams, MLA for Cole Harbour-Eastern Passage – we headed to the Heritage Farm Museum for their annual dinner. Couldn’t help but notice that with the three of us in attendance, we rivaled the number of elected Liberals in the room! It was wonderful to see long-time Party member Ron Cooper in attendance, yet another Board he serves on!

The weekend was capped off with a trip to Brookfield where my friend and colleague Larry Harrison, MLA for Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley, hosted a meet-and-greet for local residents to get to know me, and learn why I was running for PC Leader in Nova Scotia. It was a great turnout, and I appreciated the feedback people provided and the concerns that they shared. Their concerns lined-up with what I’m hearing from others across the Province, and further drove home why we need to prioritize the economy, redesign health care and re-energize the PC Party to position us to form the next Government of Nova Scotia.

Next weekend I’m heading back to Cape Breton to fuel the momentum that our ground team has been working hard to build since I launched this leadership campaign back in November.

I’ll have an update on this trip next week, but if you haven’t already, “like” me on Facebook to join some of the live Facebook videos I capture during my travels across the Province. I’m also on Twitter – and most recently got going on Instagram.

Hope to see you on the road,


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