Norm Cormier endorses Tim Houston for PC Leader


Having been a candidate during the last election for Clare-Digby, when I heard that Jamie Baillie was stepping down as Leader of the Party in November I had no clue who was going to want to replace him. But one day, out of the blue, I received a phone call from a certain Mr. Tim Houston; in fact I received a couple more after that. Since I did not have time last May to really meet all the candidates, I decided to go on the website and see who this gentleman was. I had an idea of what I thought would be the best replacement. The person had to be young, caring, know what family life was all about, but mostly a person who would listen to what people had to say and not be afraid to give his views on the issues.


On January 22 I had the honour and opportunity to receive Mr. Houston in my home with a gathering of interested people who wanted to know his point of view and how he portrayed himself. I was not disappointed. While questions were thrown at Tim about certain important issues for our area, I watched him calmly answer them with absolute confidence. If he can stand as tall as he did that night to anything that is brought on to him, I can say hello not just to the next leader of our party, but the next Premier of Nova Scotia.

Norm Cormier
PC Candidate of Record, Clare-Digby

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