Nicole Mosher backs Tim Houston for PC Leader

I'm supporting Tim Houston.  Like so many, I know what it is like to work two and three part time jobs here to make ends meet.  And like so many, I went to Alberta for work.  I came back to start a family and a business here, because I love this province.  I have seen how Nova Scotia struggles and I can see how it can shine.  Tim Houston believes it can shine too.


He has a vision for this province, providing tax incentives for youth to stay, adjusting our focus in healthcare to alleviate pressures on the system and more.  He has something else though, not just a vision of what we can be, I believe Tim sees this province and it’s people in a way that most politicians do not. He sees real Nova Scotians.  

This is displayed daily in his social media posts, highlighting Nova Scotian business owners, workers, the participants in the Special Olympics, and his “friend Hugh” to name a few.  In each handshake, Tim is genuine in a way that is rare in politics.  When you talk with him you know he is listening.  I believe his policies and vision for this province comes from that; comes from truly hearing Nova Scotians and understanding us.  I believe Tim will be the next leader of the PC Party and will be Nova Scotia’s next great Premier.

-Nicole Mosher

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