From Carol Houston After 23 years of marriage to Tim, I feel uniquely qualified to speak to Tim’s character. Five years ago, we made the decision as a family for Tim to enter politics. This wasn’t a decision we came to lightly, but we felt the sense of urgency within our community and wanted to try to make a difference. Continue reading

Liberal Government lacks controls on spending

The Auditor General (“AG”) released his October report this morning. In an effort to continue to keep you up-to-date with the happenings in Government, I wanted to provide you with some thoughts on that report. Continue reading

MacKAY: Why I'm backing Tim Houston

Now that the membership list to vote for the next leader of the PC Party has been finalized, the Party is mailing out the ballots and they should arrive in your mailboxes over the next few days. Continue reading

Outdated Healthcare Systems costing NS Millions in Waste

From Tim: Throughout this leadership race, I've focused on ideas that can move our province forward and make life better for Nova Scotians. Until the ballots are counted on October 27, I'm going to continue doing exactly that. In my conversations with people from one end of the Province to the other, I've been given a lot of great ideas. Continue reading

McNeil's games

My years on the Public Accounts Committee are one of the things I am most proud of since being elected. Continue reading

Setting the Record Straight

From Tim: Throughout this Leadership race I have been proud to run a campaign on the issues that matter to Nova Scotians. With a voter turnout in 2017 of 53%, we have been working to bring in and engage new people in the political process. Individuals who care about health care, education and our economy. Largely due to the momentum our campaign has generated, we have become a target of complaints by some of the other candidates. While our campaign remains focused, I ask you, the member, to consider the facts and decide whether any or all of these complaints warrant the attacks on my personal and professional integrity. As with all matters democratic, I respect your opinion above all others. Therefore, I provide you with the uncontroverted facts, as follows: Continue reading

Government waste

Over 20 years in business, both as an employee and ultimately as a business owner, my number one responsibility was to identify and cut waste. Continue reading

On the Road in August

I am pumped for the upcoming street party this Friday! If you have not yet RSVP'd, click here to let us know you're coming! Continue reading

Say 'No' To Ottawa's Tax Changes

It’s time your provincial government stood up for family businesses, including doctors and opted out of the federal government’s tax grab against them. Continue reading

Problem-solvers in, problem-stretchers out

When I was in business, I worked for an organization that managed and acquired companies.  The organization was growing at an incredible rate and it was an exciting time in my career. My primary responsibilities were around process and could be boiled down to figuring out “who is doing what” and “is it necessary”. I made things run smoother by cutting wasted effort. Continue reading