Matt Donahoe, Candidate of Record for Halifax Needham, backs Houston

I was on the doorsteps in Halifax Needham in the last election. It’s important to have a leader who knows Halifax and the issues we face in the city. Tim Houston knows this city because he grew up here. Tim has spent the time over the past several years working to support the PC Party here in Halifax and across Nova Scotia. That’s why Tim is receiving grassroots support from across the province. Tim worked hard to earn it.

With the right experience in business and politics, Tim is the best candidate to lead the PC Party into the next election campaign. His positive vision for the future of our province is refreshing. Tim wants to bring people in and let them have a seat at the table, not keep them out. We need change within the PC Party to set us up for success in the next election. Tim Houston is the leader to do this.

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