MASLAND: Why Tim Houston has the Support of the Majority of the PC Caucus

Since launching his campaign to be the next Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia, Tim Houston has received the support of the majority of the PC Caucus.

  • Support from myself, Kim Masland, MLA for Queens-Shelburne.
  • Support from Larry Harrison, MLA for Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley.
  • Support from Barbara Adams, MLA for Cole Harbour-Eastern Passage.
  • Support from Tim Halman, MLA for Dartmouth East.
  • Support from Allan MacMaster, MLA for Inverness.
  • Support from Pat Dunn, MLA for Pictou Centre.
  • Support from Brad Johns, MLA for Sackville-Beaver Bank.

This support is important.

It makes clear that we, as elected PC MLAs, trust Tim Houston to lead us into the next general election, and believe he is the Leader who will take our Party to government.

We are on the front-lines with Tim, day-in and day-out. We admire his character, his natural leadership ability, and the way that he never loses sight of who gave us our seats in the Legislature: The people of Nova Scotia.

Most importantly, we are behind Tim because he is a team player.

For us new members who were elected just over a year ago, Tim took us under his wing and showed us the ropes. He encouraged us, and constantly fueled our confidence as we stood in the House to represent our friends, families and neighbours who make up our constituencies.

For the members who have been around a bit longer (we love you, Larry Harrison), Tim is seen as the guy who is ready to take the baton, who has the ideas, determination and passion to be the change that we need to finally win back a majority Progressive Conservative government.

We believe that Tim Houston is the right Leader for our Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia.

With Tim at the helm, we know we can form a government that is not only impactful, but a government that is honest and open with the decisions being made. 

It’s time for the PC Party to win again.

It’s time for Tim Houston.

Please join us in backing Tim by signing up for a membership yourself, and encouraging your friends and family to do the same. To vote, you need to be an active member.

Kim Masland

MLA, Queens-Shelburne

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