Marv Robbins backs Tim Houston

I’m not an overly partisan person but this race and our provinces' future is too important.

I’ve seen Tim grow not only as an MLA but as Finance critic fighting for common sense in government and here at home. He has impressed me with his work ethic, his down to earth approach and most importantly his compassion. Tim shows up, Tim delivers and Tim fights for those who need a champion.

I’ve witnessed Tim holding the government to task in opposition to ensure our health care system is functioning properly, education system is run fairly and our government is run honestly.

In Tim, not only do we have a compassionate human who cares for his neighbour, we have a leader in Tim who can our deliver our province to prosperity.

I encourage not only progressive conservatives but all Nova Scotians to support Tim. With Tim at the helm our best days are ahead of us. With Tim we can imagine our province to be the best it can be.

Marv Robbins
Broadway, Nova Scotia

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