MacKAY: Why I'm backing Tim Houston

Now that the membership list to vote for the next leader of the PC Party has been finalized, the Party is mailing out the ballots and they should arrive in your mailboxes over the next few days.

In my experience, I find people gravitate towards good leaders. I worked with Tim Houston when I represented his Provincial riding, a part of Central Nova, as a Member of Parliament. What was clear to me was the people who live in Tim’s constituency, as well as surrounding areas, felt fortunate to have such an accessible, hardworking and principled leader representing them.

That’s clear in the number of people who have joined this Party to support Tim in Pictou East alone - over 1,100 members. More than any other constituency in the Province, by a large margin. The people he already represents gave their overwhelming endorsement to their MLA as the best choice to lead the PC Party. That’s not a coincidence. That is a reference check on Tim’s experience and the job he has done. Click here to watch a video where I explain why you should lend Tim your support.

Tim has shown he can bring people together. This is clear in his caucus where the majority of the PC caucus stands with him. That’s not just out of loyalty. That is based on job performance and the work they know he has done in the Legislature already and is capable of doing as Leader.

Tim also has the business experience, life experience and natural smarts and ability that will make him an efficient and effective leader.

A Leader able to walk into the Legislature the day after the Convention and take on the Premier and the Liberals.

I hope my friend, Tim Houston, has earned your support. If you have already committed to another candidate, please make him your second choice on the ballot. He is, in my opinion, the best choice to lead us into the next election. Tested, true and working for you. We win with Tim.

Important in this whole process is the necessity to come together at the end and rally around our new Leader. It’s only when Tories are united that we form government.

I look forward to seeing you at the Convention and around home in Nova Scotia.

Always and only the best,


 Peter MacKay


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