Mac Bennett backs Tim Houston for PC Leader


I probably was one of the first to call Tim, strongly suggesting that he announce he was going to be a candidate for the leader of the PC Party of Nova Scotia. Being the leader of our party is a very demanding job. You have to put your private life on hold to always be ready to respond to requests for your presence and share opinions about what is happening in the province and with the party. Having said that, I knew the new leader had to be a "people person”.

On reviewing the present caucus and considering others, my choice as our next leader is Tim Houston. Tim is of the right age and has a good professional background being a Chartered Accountant. He has been a member of the PC caucus through two elections and won both. Tim is dedicated, is willing to work with others and will listen to ordinary people about their concerns and problems. My full support is behind Tim Houston as the next leader of Nova Scotia’s PC Party.

Mac Bennett
Lifelong PC Member, Sackville-Cobequid


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