Liberal Government lacks controls on spending

The Auditor General (“AG”) released his October report this morning. In an effort to continue to keep you up-to-date with the happenings in Government, I wanted to provide you with some thoughts on that report.

The Report pointed out several areas of weakness or deficiency in government organizations including:

  • Despite being cited for the same issues in 2017, the IWK continued to have poor restrictions and monitoring of user access to accounting systems. The AG stated that this issue “could result in unauthorized or inappropriate access by users.”
  • Only 22% of the 18 government departments examined has a fraud risk assessment program. Meaning 78% of government departments do not.

Last year, the NSHA hosted a staff farewell party for 35 staff, costing tax payers $889. They also hosted a staff Christmas party for 135 people at a cost to Nova Scotians of $8,483. In both instances, the AG found that there were no clear and approved policies permitting these parties, nor was there a business rationale for the expenditures.

I guess now we know why the NSHA didn’t send anyone to the recruiting convention in Newfoundland!

My take away from the AG’s report support positions that I have been taking throughout the course of this Leadership:

  1. Government needs to spend smarter. This means having appropriate policies in place so that your hard earned tax dollars are not being spent on parties. Government needs to be accountable to taxpayers for every dollar that is spent.

  2. Government departments and organizations are not acting fast enough to manage fraud risks. We should not have to wait years for government departments to correct their mistakes, all the while spending without accountability and opening the Province up to risk.

  3. We need more young people. We need young people to improve our economy. We need young people to shift our demographics. When 20% of the population over 65 consumes the majority of our health dollars, it should sound alarms that we need more young people, and we need to figure out a way to produce better health outcomes.

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