Less Congestion, Better Transit: Houston Calls for Immediate Action on Transit Improvements

If elected leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia, Tim Houston intends to implement an action plan to improve transportation across Halifax Regional Municipality.

“The current transportation system needs to improve to better serve all people living in the Halifax Regional Municipality, and those from rural Nova Scotia who are coming to metro to access services,” says Houston, MLA for Pictou East.

Houston notes that the population of Halifax Regional Municipality is projected to grow by 50,000 people in just under ten years.

“Can you imagine the current roads in HRM would look like with an extra 50,000 people needing transport? We need to address this issue now, before the daily commute for HRM residents doubles in time due to road congestion.”

Under Tim’s leadership, the province will establish, and most importantly – act on, a HRM transportation action plan. This plan will take shape from consultation with Leading with Transit, Halifax Light Rail Alliance and the HRM. He’s also committed to lead discussions on funding from all levels of government.

Steve Streatch, HRM councillor for District 1 supports Houston’s call for immediate action. “For any transportation plan to be successful, all three levels of government must be involved in the decision-making process,“ said Streatch. “It's essential to have provincial leadership dedicated to bringing all parties to the table, and convince them of the significant benefits that will impact the families and businesses in HRM and surrounding communities.”

“Our plan will have a clear mechanism in place to measure the results,” said Houston. “The blueprint for success will involve better use of the current infrastructure including rail, water and roadways to reduce commuting times.”

“Less talk, more action on a solid transportation plan that looks beyond the next five years. With the dramatic spike in population projected for HRM, our congestion issues will only get worse. It’s time to move.”

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