Julia Kenney endorses Tim Houston for Nova Scotia PC Leader

The first time I met Tim Houston, I was very hesitant about the idea of joining any political party. I was introduced to him at the first party event I attended, and I have considered him a friend ever since. 


Tim took time out of his evening to introduce me to other people to make sure the event was fun for me. Taking time out of his night to ensure someone who didn’t live in his constituency, and didn’t even have a party membership, was comfortable has stuck with me over the few years that I’ve known Tim. Tim Houston was an incredible ally for Dartmouth East as our buddy MLA, attending any events we asked of him, and always being available to answer questions or address our concerns when asked.

When Tim called me and said he was considering a run for the leadership of the party, it put my mind at ease about the future of the party. I was reassured knowing that such a qualified person, and proven leader was interested in leading our party, and in time leading our province. I am so proud to call Tim Houston my friend, he has the charisma, intelligence, and skills necessary to ensure that Nova Scotia reaches its full potential. Not only do I know that he will be an exceptional leader of the PC Party of Nova Scotia, but he will make a phenomenal Premier of Nova Scotia.

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