John White endorses Tim Houston for Nova Scotia PC Leader

Living in my hometown of Glace Bay I consider myself fortunate in a career that allows me to live comfortably and relatively worry free. In addition to meeting my financial needs, my position as a high school teacher fulfills me personally but more importantly, it provides the opportunity to assist others who may not be as fortunate as I.

I am comforted in knowing that Tim Houston is a man with similar aspirations. He too is a family man who found his calling to government service as a way to help others in his community; social respect, fiscal responsibility, listening to the people, and seeing negotiation as a way to resolve differences is a government Tim Houston is offering to Nova Scotia.


Houston, we have a problem! Nova Scotians are concerned about the future of education, healthcare, employment opportunities, and of course, financial stability which all fall under government responsibilities.

Tim is quoted, "Living in Nova Scotia is really hard and that’s a shame." He also says, "The leader of the province’s number one priority should be making life easier for the people who choose to call it home."

I am proud that Glace Bay is my home town but I've heard people saying they want change.

I am extremely happy to introduce a leader who cares about people. A new type of government that listens to the people and is driven by concern for their well being. And the hope for a new province with a healthy and prosperous future

John White
PC Candidate of Record, Glace Bay

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