Jennifer MacLeod endorses Tim Houston

Nova Scotia is at a turning point and we need a leader who isn't afraid to look at things differently and who can suggest bold new ideas to help us reach our true potential.  For too long, we've had leadership that made the next election cycle their priority and we need to change that to a leader more focused on long-term solutions that will lay the groundwork for a more prosperous Nova Scotia.


I believe that Tim Houston is that leader.  Tim has already proven that he will be a proactive leader instead of a reactive one by looking for new ways to fix old problems.  Tim's experience in business and accounting brings a much-needed skillset to the leader's chair.  What is most refreshing about Tim's leadership style is that he knows he doesn't have all the answers and the best place to get them is from key stakeholders.  Tim speaks openly and candidly about his ideas and, most importantly, hears and incorporates the feedback he receives, so you can count on the ideas that he brings forward to be well-thought out and evidence-based. 


When it comes to healthcare and education, two areas that are of critical importance to me and my family, I support Tim's approach in that band aids are for little problems and innovation is what will solve the big problems. It's not about closing doors, but it's about changing the doors people use.  Both systems in the province are currently broken and trying to tweak them while creating a divide with those tasked to deliver the services is not the approach Tim supports.  Tim has actively engaged members of both the healthcare and education communities and is offering real solutions in his platform to solving the problems plaguing them.


Tim stands up for what he believes in and isn't afraid to stand up for those he was elected to represent. I wholeheartedly support Tim Houston for leader of the PC Party of Nova Scotia.


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