Guy LeBlanc endorses Tim Houston

It was with great pleasure I served twice in a Progressive Conservative Government as a Cabinet Minister and on the Executive Council for the Province of Nova Scotia as Minister of the Environment, Transportation, Community Services and finally Education. Since I first entered politics in 1984 before finishing 9 years later, I have recognized what it takes to be Premier of our great province and I sincerely believe Tim Houston has those abilities and skills. Tim recognizes unlike the present Liberal administration that we cannot spend ourselves into oblivion. He believes an $11 billion budget for less than 1 million Nova Scotians is sufficient.

I have had two daughters leave and work elsewhere in Canada. Tim wants our young families to remain in Nova Scotia has proposed policies to do exactly that. I am strongly convinced we must elect Tim Houston as the next leader of Nova Scotia’s Progressive Conservative Party and once we do that, we can look forward to Tim Houston becoming Premier and to another fiscally sound PC Government with strong leadership skills.

I am supporting Tim and I encourage you to elect Tim Houston next Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia.

Guy LeBlanc

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