Government waste

Over 20 years in business, both as an employee and ultimately as a business owner, my number one responsibility was to identify and cut waste.

You often hear politicians throw around buzzwords about “cutting waste,” but everyone in business knows that this has to be more than a slogan. In the real world, running efficiently is the key to survival.

Think of all those government projects you’ve heard about that run over budget by millions of dollars.

That would never fly in business, and you shouldn’t accept it when it comes to your tax dollars.

I’ve been asking why government projects, like schools and hospitals, always seem to cost more than similar private-sector construction projects. I was surprised to learn that our provincial government has its own standards for buildings designed and constructed for the province.

Never mind that a national building code exists: in the spirit of waste and duplication, our provincial government has its own!

This provincial standard means government regularly spends up to 30 per cent more on schools and hospitals compared to the private sector. What could we do if we had 30 per cent of each and every project over the last 10 years back? That’s a lot of money. Think VG replacement!

We need to elect people that get it – people that have a sense of accountability.

We need people that not only stop reinventing the wheel, but can lead based on real-world experience.

Now, I know that some bureaucrats swear up and down that we absolutely need our own onerous standards. They are defenders of the status quo, and it will take elected representatives with real-world experience to stand up to them where necessary.

On the other hand, plenty of government employees can identify where money is being wasted, and know how to stop it. There are many problem-solvers in government. Let’s work with them. Every dollar wasted by government comes from you and must be replaced by you. That means higher taxes.

It’s time to take back control of our government. My focus as leader and as Premier will be the same as in business: Problems-solvers in, problem-stretchers out.

Change is coming. Common sense is coming.

Yours truly,


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