Former MP & Cabinet Minister, Peter McCreath, backs Houston

In a field of excellent candidates, Tim Houston is the right person to become leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia.

Bright, personable, approachable and well experienced, Tim has the qualities not only to become a successful Premier, but is the candidate to defeat the McNeil Government. After 20 years solid business experience, having lived in diverse parts of our province, having served effectively during 2 terms in the Legislature and as an effective critic in the very important finance portfolio, and chair of the important Public Accounts Committee, Tim is ready to step into the Premier’s Office, to provide strong leadership and serve effectively. Tim also understands the importance of giving full measure of time to the job, while maintaining strong family relationships.

Bright, articulate, a listener, hard-working, committed and (according to my wife), handsome, Tim is the right candidate for 2018.

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