Endorsement Videos

From Tim:

I want you all to know who I am and what I stand for, but this campaign isn't just about me; it’s about a new style of politics.

That’s why I want to turn the tables and let Nova Scotians get an inside look at some of the people who have joined our movement for a more prosperous Nova Scotia.

There is a new generation of Progressive Conservatives emerging – leaders amongst our membership and in our caucus that are ready for change, ready to act, and ready to demand better.

They’re done accepting the notion that all this Province can achieve is mediocrity.

They’re here to raise the standard.

You in?

President, Dalhousie University Campus Conservative Society
Nicole LaFosse
Vice President, Sydney-Whitney Pier PC Association
Larry Harrison
MLA, Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley
John White
PC Candidate of Record, Glace Bay
Ray Mattie
PC Candidate of Record, Antigonish
Dan McNaughton
PC Candidate of Record, Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank
PC Candidate of Record, Kings West