Jason Crowell endorses Tim Houston

The PC Party needs a leader with the right experience to win the next election campaign. Tim Houston has the right combination of business and government experience to ensure we win seats across Nova Scotia and secure a majority government in the next election.   Continue reading

Guy LeBlanc endorses Tim Houston

It was with great pleasure I served twice in a Progressive Conservative Government as a Cabinet Minister and on the Executive Council for the Province of Nova Scotia as Minister of the Environment, Transportation, Community Services and finally Education. Since I first entered politics in 1984 before finishing 9 years later, I have recognized what it takes to be Premier of our great province and I sincerely believe Tim Houston has those abilities and skills. Tim recognizes unlike the present Liberal administration that we cannot spend ourselves into oblivion. He believes an $11 billion budget for less than 1 million Nova Scotians is sufficient. Continue reading

Nicole Mosher backs Tim Houston for PC Leader

I'm supporting Tim Houston.  Like so many, I know what it is like to work two and three part time jobs here to make ends meet.  And like so many, I went to Alberta for work.  I came back to start a family and a business here, because I love this province.  I have seen how Nova Scotia struggles and I can see how it can shine.  Tim Houston believes it can shine too.   Continue reading

Travis Price endorses Tim Houston's PC Leadership Campaign

My name is Travis Price. I’m a former candidate for the PC Party in Fairview-Clayton Park. I’m also the Co-Founder of Pink Shirt Day, an international bullying prevention movement that started right here in Nova Scotia. Continue reading

Jennifer MacLeod endorses Tim Houston

Nova Scotia is at a turning point and we need a leader who isn't afraid to look at things differently and who can suggest bold new ideas to help us reach our true potential.  For too long, we've had leadership that made the next election cycle their priority and we need to change that to a leader more focused on long-term solutions that will lay the groundwork for a more prosperous Nova Scotia.   Continue reading

Bruce MacCharles endorses Tim Houston's campaign

A while ago I met a young lady at a social event for Tim and because of our conversation and the folks she was with I assumed she was a Tim supporter. I met her again at a wedding a couple of weeks ago and she asked me why I am supporting Tim and assuming she was as well, I just said I have known Tim for long time and always liked him. I subsequently discovered this young lady was supporting another candidate and I realized I did her, Tim and the Party a disservice by this response. Continue reading

Marv Robbins backs Tim Houston

I’m not an overly partisan person but this race and our provinces' future is too important. Continue reading

Brontë Norris endorses Tim Houston

From the first time I met Tim Houston I could tell instantly that he was a different kind of politician. Tim has proven to be an exceptional listener, with an energy that has been missing from our political leaders in this province for a long time. His ideas will make life easier for everyone in our province, and his charisma and intelligence will make everyone feel comfortable approaching him. Continue reading

Mack Franklin backs Tim Houston

Compared to the current leader of this province and the policy behind his acts, Tim Houston will become a breath of fresh air in the next provincial election as he will be willingly and rightfully elected as our Premier of Nova Scotia. He is simply not a career politician. For many years, Nova Scotia has endured poor governance that has left a large portion of the population in worry of their future. Tim Houston is here to restore order, principle, confidence, and independence back into the heart of Nova Scotia where it can be the economic and provincial success for the people and by the people of this great province. Continue reading

Doug Symonds, Kings South, backs Tim Houston's Campaign

I couldn't say it any better than one of my Provincial/Federal Conservative Party colleagues, Mr. John Trites. Continue reading