David Nantes backs Tim Houston's PC Leadership Campaign

The next Progressive Conservative Premier of Nova Scotia must combine concerns for Health and Education with a proven capability to grow our Nova Scotia Economy. Tim has already demonstrated his knowledge and understanding of our Health and Education systems.


If we are to grow our Economy and stop having one of the poorest economic growth rates in Canada, year in and year out, we need a leader with International Business experience who can make this happen. Tim can bring his innovative business background and combine this with his strong social skills to lead a dynamic Nova Scotia future.

My background as a professional engineer, businessman and former MLA and Cabinet Minister demonstrates to me that we must not continue the type of “status quo” leadership of the past. To keep our youth in Nova Scotia and attract new immigrants ,we need to open our economy to Innovation by utilizing the strength of our universities and community college systems. We must also ensure that our business climate encourages Nova Scotia businesses both large and small to grow the export of products and services. This will require unique leadership skills to convince Nova Scotians that “change” will ensure a better future.

Tim’s urban and rural backgrounds and International experience will ensure that economic growth happens throughout the entire province. We cannot continue with very weak economic growth if we are to improve and strengthen our health, education and social support systems.

-David Nantes

Former MLA, Cabinet Minister, professional engineer and businessman

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