Bruce MacCharles endorses Tim Houston's campaign

A while ago I met a young lady at a social event for Tim and because of our conversation and the folks she was with I assumed she was a Tim supporter. I met her again at a wedding a couple of weeks ago and she asked me why I am supporting Tim and assuming she was as well, I just said I have known Tim for long time and always liked him. I subsequently discovered this young lady was supporting another candidate and I realized I did her, Tim and the Party a disservice by this response.

If that young lady is seeing this, I would like to explain to her and others my passion in supporting Tim Houston.

Firstly, I am a long time PC and actually was proud to carry the party’s banner in two elections, one under John Hamm and once under Rodney MacDonald. I have seen first hand what it takes to win elections in Nova Scotia. In addition I had over 40 years senior management experience in the public sector with the direct understanding of all government programs including the Health Care Sector and know how complex this world is and the skill necessary to lead.

Yes I have known Tim for a long time as he grew up one street over and he was always polite and respectful. During my 25 years in minor hockey, I saw Tim develop as a hockey official progressing to a level where he was highly respected and appreciated. He had superior skills and applied them in a balanced and fair manner. Pretty good traits to learn at a young age.

Tim understands the value of family and community and understands and values how they are such critical components of the culture and social fabric of Nova Scotia.

Tim grew up in Fairview and now resides in the Pictou area so he has a valuable perspective on the life and opportunities in metro and in rural Nova Scotia. Critical to any Premier.

Tim is a Chartered Accountant and has experience in the business world at all levels including internationally. He understands small business, and has solid experience as an MLA. His role on the Public Accounts Committee has given the best preparation for the kinds of challenges/opportunities facing government and the type of questions you will face as Premier of this province. He has the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience critical to being Premier.

Tim is a true Progressive Conservative. As a citizen, I would like to have my every need attended to in a speedy manner but I also know that is unreasonable. Government cannot be all things to all people. We have an $11,000,000,000, budget for under 1,000,000 people. Tim knows that just as all Nova Scotians have finite resources so does Government. In participating in salary arbitrations for many years, some arbitrators considered that since Government had unlimited ability to tax it had unlimited ability to pay. We all know how that worked out. Tim understands his fiduciary responsibility to all Nova Scotians and knows that every government dollar spent must be done in the best interest of the taxpayer.

I have great respect for all candidates in this race but there is only one clear choice to defeat the current Liberal Government and stop the destruction of get Nova Scotia get us back on the path to security and prosperity.

I was born in Sydney, grew up in a small town in the Annapolis Valley and am living my adult life in Halifax. Like Tim I understand the diversity of this province and know what I want and believe we need as Leader and the next Premier of Nova Scotia.


Bruce MacCharles,
Member, Fairview-Clayton Park


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