Brontë Norris endorses Tim Houston

From the first time I met Tim Houston I could tell instantly that he was a different kind of politician. Tim has proven to be an exceptional listener, with an energy that has been missing from our political leaders in this province for a long time. His ideas will make life easier for everyone in our province, and his charisma and intelligence will make everyone feel comfortable approaching him.

We have been accepting average as the acceptable standard for far too long in Nova Scotia and it is refreshing to see a politician who refuses to accept average. Tim has never made me feel small or unimportant, whether I was discussing my frustrations as a young person in this province, or my experience in attempting to grow local business. He approaches every single thing he does with the utmost integrity.

I have believed in Tim Houston since the first time I met him, and I am so excited and optimistic about the idea of him becoming Leader of the PC Party and, in time, of our province.

Brontë Norris, Halifax Citadel - Sable Island

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