Brody Haskell, St.FX Campus Conservative President, backs Houston

As a university student entering the job force in 2 years’ time I am deeply concerned about the future of my generation and the future of this province. Changes need to be made in order for my generation to live a successful life and build successful careers in Nova Scotia. I firmly believe Tim Houston has the vision and the capability to improve not only the province, but the standard of living for all Nova Scotian’s including our youth.

Earlier this year, I met Tim at an informal event planned by the St.FX Campus Conservatives. Within the first few minutes of meeting him, myself and the society knew who we wanted to support in this leadership race. Tim gave us a seat at the table, engaged us with questions, gave us the opportunity to share our vision for the province, and asked our opinions on some of his policy ideas. We didn’t see him as a politician, but as someone who came back to this province to make a difference. This personal characteristic is what I most value about Tim, and is what makes him a strong leader now and will make him a successful Premier in the years to come.

Tim is a person you can connect with. He’s used social media in an innovative way to connect with people from all across the province, giving regular citizens their chance to express their views via Facebook Live, something we haven’t seen much of from any other politician in recent years. Tim is always listening, always looking for feedback, and conducts himself with utmost integrity and transparency. He doesn’t just push out a message, he reaches out to us, asks our opinions, and uses the information we give him to help form meaningful and effective policies that will change the course of the province. This fresh approach is what we need moving forward as a party and as a province.

Tim Houston has been the only candidate to put an emphasis on supporting our younger generation. His No Tax Under 25 policy will ease our financial burdens and his call for a Department of Addictions and Mental Health will ensure the resources are there to support youths struggling with Mental Health challenges. Tim realizes these are the 2 key issues on the minds of young Nova Scotians. I, the other Campus Conservative presidents, and youth across the province support Tim because he is willing to listen and support us.

We’ve seen Tim go toe-to-toe with Stephen McNeil and his cabinet ministers in the legislature, we’ve watched him hold the current government to account time and time again during Public Accounts Committee meetings. Tim has the experience to represent Nova Scotia as a whole and will always put our best interests at hand.

I am so proud to endorse Tim Houston for leader, this leadership campaign isn’t just about electing the next leader of the NSPC Party, but electing the next Premier of Nova Scotia. With Tim as our leader, we WILL form government in the next provincial election. It’s time for our province to become a key player in our country and time for Nova Scotians to live comfortably in their communities. But, most importantly, it’s Time to Win.

Brody Haskell

President & Founder – Campus Conservative Association of Nova Scotia

President – St.FX Campus Conservatives





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