NSYPC President Brianna Titus endorses Tim Houston for PC Leader

When I met Tim Houston a few years back, he found out that I’d actually been borrowing his office for several weeks. He didn’t skip a beat - we made fast friends and together with a group of young people we brainstormed the possible solutions to Nova Scotia’s problems.

As a long time advocate for youth engagement in politics, I’ve seen more than my fair share of politicians who hold condescending attitudes towards young opinions. With Tim, I’ve never felt anything but respected. From day one, Tim has weighed opinions and debated with youths just as he would with anyone else. I can’t count the number of times an interaction I’ve had with him, by email or in person, has been articulated in a Public Accounts meeting. He’s always listening and he knows a good idea when he hears one. I know Tim believes that everyone has something to bring to the table - he’s actively trying to listen to as many people as he can.

Tim is a phenomenal representative, a proven leader, and an accomplished businessman. He’ll do Nova Scotia proud as Premier. Most importantly though, no matter who you are, you can trust him always to make you feel heard. That’s why I’m voting for Tim.


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