Brad Langillle backs Tim Houston for Nova Scotia PC Leadership


I first met Tim when he was a young man just out of SMU. I was a Partner at WBLI and we hired him on as a CA student. I knew right away this was a special young man and he proved me right. Tim got his CA with no problem, making one of the highest marks in the province. He then took his new young wife Carol to Bermuda as he wanted to see some of the world. I remained in contact with him while he was in Bermuda and with pride watched his successful career in business as it was happening. We reconnected on a regular basis when he and Carol brought their family back to Nova Scotia and I was proud to be one of his sounding boards when he entered the business world here.


Tim would have succeeded in anything he did. He is a born leader, smart, hardworking and a caring person. He truly cares about the people around him and wants to help make them better and help them succeed. When he told me he wanted to try getting into politics I tried to talk him out of it as I knew how tough a job it was. He later told me I was right but he wanted to help make the changes he knows that need to be done in this province and he is willing to give it all his talent and effort to do so. I introduced him to Jamie and the rest is history. I think Tim will make a great leader of the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Party and a great Premier of this province. I know he brings the skills that are needed to help this province deal with the challenges it faces.

Brad Langille
Engaged Nova Scotian

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