On the Road: Tim, we need more young people!

It is great to be back inside the Tim-mobile (maybe the Houston Rocket?), exploring all the corners of Nova Scotia this month.  

Happy to be back blogging!


Time to review some of the highlights from July!

We start all the way back on Canada Day.  The weather was absolutely perfect and I was happy to celebrate with friends and family. While it was a relatively low energy, restful day - it was the perfect mini break before we enter the final stage of this leadership race. 

Earlier in the month, the Hodsons hosted a terrific meet and greet in Halifax.  There were lots of young people there, which was energizing for me to see. 

A special shout out to Mike and Paula Hodson for organizing an amazing meal. It was an incredible spread. Some members of #teamtim are going to have problems keeping true to their diet. I won't name names. 

Also huge thank you to Mike and Natalie Dockerill for hosting an engaging meet and greet in Chester. I seem to have a lot of supporters named Tim and Mike.

Make no mistake, we are entering the home stretch, bottom of the 9th bases loaded.  I promise I will not do any more sports puns.  Reality is-  the absolute best way we can ensure victory is to grow - not only our leadership bid, but the party overall.  Our goal is to assemble a team able to topple the Liberals and form a Majority government.  

So we need to keep our eye on the prize and crank the momentum to 110%.

Sorry. That's the last batch I promise.

We need to keep growing.  I’m asking every supporter to go and sign-up two new members. Membership is only 10 dollars and you can join as young as 14 years old! Click here for the link to sign-up.

Now - no more rest till we win this leadership race

I am truly am happy to be on the road and visiting all corners of the province.  Everyone I talk too, business after business explain “Tim, we need people!”  This is why my plan for no tax for youth under 26 is picking up so much momentum.

I hear their cries and that is the thinking behind my mission to send a message to young people:  we want you here!

The absolute best way to help the cost of living is to reduce tax. Encouraging our youth to stay home means the money they spend stays in Nova Scotia.  I want our youth stimulating our economy - not somewhere out west.

More recently - I was was back to the valley for the steer BBQ parade and ... well, BBQ.

It was a beautiful day and the BBQ was remarkable.

The day after I had a great tour with our candidate of record in Eastern Shore, Patricia Auchnie, which ended at Uprooted Cafe and Market. If you're in Musquodoboit Harbour, I highly recommend you stop there.

This is just a few of the stops we made so far in July.

To end this week, I want to make a few important points.

No politician can be everything to everyone but touring the province I've learned that people want somebody that gets it.  

Some politicians toss and turn at night wondering what can they say to get elected.

I toss and turn searching for ways to make this province better.

People know the difference.

Till next time,


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