An Open Letter from Three Campus Conservative Presidents

In watching the PC Leadership race so far, you may have noticed that out of the five candidates, Tim Houston has many more youth endorsements than any other campaign. This includes the support of the St. FX University Campus Conservatives, the Presidents of the two other active associations in Nova Scotia, along with many others on those executives.

You may ask, why does Tim have so much youth support in this leadership race? There’s a deceptively simple answer. Tim is the only candidate that has consistently reached out, listened, and communicate ideas from our youth.

Tim has taken the time out of his demanding schedule to visit and meet with Campus Conservative clubs and youth organizations all across the province in order to get a grasp on what we look for in a future leader, premier, and province as a whole.  

This is the kind of hard work that we appreciate, not only as the youth of this party, as members. This kind of hard work is what will be necessary to win the next election, and we have seen first-hand that Tim has the necessary work ethic and listening skills to build a winning coalition in the next election.

As youth, we are able to connect with Tim at a level that has not been seen with politicians in the past. He doesn’t portray himself simply as a PC leadership candidate or the MLA for Pictou East. You see him as a father, a husband, and a man who is passionate about creating change and building a stronger and better Nova Scotia. Tim understands that the grassroots of this party are a valuable resource, and a reliable source of experience and new ideas. Tim’s listening skills are legendary, and you can be sure that your voice has been heard when you connect with him.  

Tim understands the importance of the situation facing the younger generation within our province. In recent years, we have seen many new graduates leave the province to pursue jobs elsewhere in order to pay off their student loan debts comfortably. To ensure the economic and demographic health of this province, this cannot be allowed to continue. Tim’s youth-oriented plan to attain and attract youth will incentivise our youth to stay in Nova Scotia, take advantage of the opportunities offered here at home, and increase the overall standard of living for youth in the province.  This plan will work wonders for our economy too. Retaining young Nova Scotians will create an attractive environment for companies new and existing to move in or expand their operations to take advantage of our young and talented workforce.

Above everything else, Tim holds the values of a true leader. His integrity, accountability and ambition will pave the way for a stronger PC party and will lead us to victory in the next provincial election. Tim is a leader you can count on to secure the future of Nova Scotia.

We are the future of this province. We are the future of the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia. We are supporting a principled leader. Join us in supporting Tim Houston!


Aaron Sophocleous
President, Dalhousie University Campus Conservatives
Vice President Finance, Nova Scotia Young Progressive Conservatives

Secretary, Halifax Conservative Association

Tristan Shaw
President, Saint Mary’s University Campus Conservatives
President, Dartmouth South PC Association
Vice President, Dartmouth-Cole Harbour Conservative Association
Policy Director, Nova Scotia Young Progressive Conservatives

Brody Haskell
President, St.FX Campus Conservatives


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