Aaron Sophocleous supports Tim Houston for PC Party of NS Leadership

I am concerned about the future of Nova Scotia. I am concerned about my future. The leadership race of the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Party is important to me. More than ever, our province needs someone who will rebuild the economy and restore the confidence in our government.

I first met Tim Houston at a Dalhousie University Campus Conservative event. Tim attended the event and listened to the issues shared by the students. Since the first day of meeting Tim, I have observed him continuously listening to the thoughts and ideas of the younger generation. He strives to understand the issues of Nova Scotians across the province so that he can voice our concerns as member in the Legislature. His outreach to the public and fresh approach to politics is like none other.

Tim Houston’s passion for Nova Scotia goes unnoticed through being a leader within his community. Tim has been a vital member to our party in recent years and is empowering the members of our party – young and old – to no longer accept the status quo. His professional experience that he has brought to the table is a well-known contributor to the party’s success. Tim holds the utmost qualities of a leader and has the knowledge and expertise to bring our party to victory.

I am thrilled to endorse Tim Houston to be the next leader of the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Party. Not only our party, but our province will benefit under the leadership of Tim Houston.

Aaron Sophocleous
President, Dalhousie Campus Conservative Society


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